8/26/16 at the California w CL

Captain Fantastic (2016)

captain fantastic 2

I wanted it to be a different movie, or at least I wanted to ask different questions.

But I’m still thinking about it.


8/24/16 at home

Magnolia (1999)

magnolia 2

magnolia 1


SF pointed out that they’re all trying, every one of them is trying to do better. (Except maybe Stanley’s dad.)

Rose’s life is almost more than I can think about.

Returning to my point about watching movies at home: it wasn’t until the film was almost over that I really noticed how PTA framed the shots. And when Stanley peed, I turned off the movie and went to bed. I finished the next night, but I broke PTA’s movie.

8/18/16 at home

Fingersmith (2005)

fingersmith 1

I had specific things I did and didn’t want to think about.


8/16/16 at the UA Berkley w CL

Jason Bourne (2016)

jason bourne

SWAT truck smashing smashing smashing.


8/7/16 at Small Dark Room w PC, etc

40 Guns (1957)

40 guns

It was PC’s birthday.

High Ridin’ Woman
by Harold Adamson and Harry Sukman

She’s a high ridin’ woman with a whip,
She’s a woman that all men desire,
But there’s no man can tame her
That’s why they name her
The high ridin’ woman with a whip.

She commands and men obey
They’re just putty in her hands, so they say,
When she rides and the wind is in her hair,
She has eyes full of life, full of fire.

But if someone could break her
And take her whip away,
Someone big, someone strong, someone tall,
You may find that the woman with a whip
Is only a woman after all.

But if someone could break her
And take her whip away,
Someone big, someone strong, someone tall,
You may find that the woman with a whip
Is only a woman after all.

Only a woman after all,
Only a woman after all.

I keep trying to like Westerns….but I just don’t. (Except Johnny Guitar, which shouldn’t even count for one tiny second as a Western.)

7/17/16 at Jack London w CL

Ghostbusters (2016)


A surprise (delightful) outing.


7/15/16 at the PFA w SF

Chimes at Midnight (1966)

chimes at midnight

Madcap with show-off shots: glad I saw it, glad when it was over.

7/3/16 at the Albany Twin

Love and Friendship (2016)


Jane Austen & Whit Stilman, how could I resist? I’ve been sad and this made me laugh.

It’s always easier to get a good seat when you go alone.

6/26/16 at home

The Headless Woman (2008)


‘I think what I do is really “false.” For me, a film is not just storytelling but an attempt for me to share some perceptions with the viewer. A film for me is a mechanism to show thought, but I interpret thought as a mix of perception and emotion.’ Lucrecia Martel, Film Comment, 2009

Camera as present, class and race conflict, anachronisms to reflect that this process hasn’t ended, it matters whether she kills a child or a dog, but mainly, she should have stopped the car to check.

I thought, with this new life-style, that I would try watching movies alone. That will give me the flexibility to watch the films I really want.


6/25/16 at the PFA w PC & MR

Spring Night, Summer Night (1967)

spring night summer night

I’m not quite sure why this film is so exciting to PC, there were beautiful shots and the story was so human and sad, but it didn’t consume me.

Also, the cultural definition of rape has changed: it used to be that it wasn’t rape if you didn’t kick, punch, scream.

6/18/16 at the California Theater

The Lobster (2016)


the lobster power

SF recommended it, otherwise I would never have made the effort. It was one of the most intense movie-going experiences of my life. People got up and left, a man had a panic attack and an ambulance was called.

But more: I was anxious. I couldn’t predict the plot. I didn’t understand that eyesight was so important. I didn’t know that people would actually die. I related to his confusion — what are the rules, should I follow them, what does following them mean.

Even at the last moment, I squirmed, covered my eyes, and then laughed.

5/28/16 at PFA

La Noche Avanza (Night Falls) 1952

more Mexican Noir

night falls

“It’s better to have 1/5th of a first rate man than all of a 5th rate man.”

5/27/16 at YBCA, w SPM

Eva Hesse (2016)


SPM & I went out for drinks afterwards. Friendships everywhere. Plus, do we know how to do this? What happens next?

5/23/16 at PFA

Que Dios me perdone (May God Forgive Me) 1948

may god forgive me

At one point it was implied that the villain (the one leering above) was going to rape Maria Felix and an audience member laughed — it was played for laughs — and a woman yelled, ‘Sexual assault isn’t funny!’

A man in my row spent the first half of the movie loudly rustling a candy bag. I was angry. At the end of the film I said, ‘This is a no-eating theater.’ He grabbed my arm so tightly it left a bruise and stood right in front of me, ‘I’m a 20 year survivor of AIDS, you don’t know anything, I have permission from the theater manager, you don’t know anything, suppose someone’s father had died this morning.’ I just kept saying, ‘Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.’

Why did I say something? I’m embarrassed that I said something. Not my finest hour.

[All these missing years. I’ve been keeping track in other ways.]

2/3/2012, PFA, w PC & TF

La  Prisonniere (1968)

La Prisonniere

Standing on a cliff with the tide cutting off your connection to land is one thing, but looking in the mirror is perfect. Makes me squirm.

1/25/12, Albany Twin, w SR

A Dangerous Method (2011)

Did I waste all those years with Dori? If, as we say now, there is good infrastructure, what is possible?

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