Erin Wilson

more info about me, Erin Wilson

7x7la collaboration with Sarah Klein


We’ll Never Have Paris small essay recounting one night in the Mission in 2010

Word for Word poems

Boog City baseball poems written with Neal J. Wilson

Artifice Magazine Fall 2010 – A Recent/Relevant Booklist

Lightning’d Press poems

Pocket Seed Library project with Zoey Kroll. Seed saving & picnic advocacy

Disinhibitor nice words from Michael Cross

With+Stand poem

Omnidawn Chapbook contest, 2010

‘Building is a Process/Light is an Element’ a book about Myung Mi Kim

hinge: a boas anthology some poems. I feel sentimental about that era

Kindergarde poem

Bird Dog poem

The Beautiful, Ominous Bay: The newest Ginnie Blake novel

Alphabet Garden

140 Books I read in the last 2.5 years and really liked

also, I do care about my job

also, I have email: wilsioni at gmail dot com

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