donna-5PC said it ….

Living without knowing that Donna is out and around is not going to be easy. She was a literal glowing light; one of those people so thoroughly unique, so thoroughly individualistically Donna Kellogg. She was wickedly curious as much as wickedly funny, always clawing away at absorbing as much art and culture as surrounded her. In corduroy, sometimes, even.


PC’s photos….

drinking from Guy Maddin’s glass leg



in her 35mm necklacce



these I just stole from the web, but they feel like her spirit.

donna-3  donna-4

how will we live with this

I don’t mean despair, I mean practice. what tools will we develop, what skills, what strengths

I’m inarticulate & terrified, bereft

reading Celan, Dickinson, Myung Mi Kim, Sarah Schulman’s Conflict is Not Abuse, Angela Davis. Zurita. I went to BAMPFA to see the Ana Mendieta exhibition

looking forward to our communal resistance/s

writing a lot

reaching out to my loved ones, including my adored brother who turned 40 on Wednesday.








as my brother says, All the feels.


current poems include:

is there lightness in us

more honest than intended

it couldn’t be predicted, it had to be chosen

be this breathing

I will be better at this

the hours are available, so shouldn’t they exist