a list, because I seem to be forgetting

Abandon Me
About Face
A Big Storm Knocked It Over
Born Standing Up
Death at La Fenice(again)
Exit West
Frog Music
Gentleman’s Guide to Virtue and Vice
Giovanni’s Room
The Hate u Give
Lesbian Nuns: Breaking the Silence
Mistral’s Daughter
Mistress’s Daughter
Murder of Mary Russell
My Brilliant Friend
Salt to the Sea
Someone with a Little Hammer
The Idiot
The Night Watch
The Price of Salt
The Story of a New Name
The Story of the Lost Child
The Underground Railroad
The Wonder
Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay
Where Did You Go Bernadette
Where Did You Sleep Last Night

fall 2010: a recent relevant booklist, the film. made with Dia Felix. screened 11/12/11 in Chicago as part of Artifice #4‘s launch. the film is no longer available online, but I have a copy, of course. if you want to see it, just ask.

The Alphabet Garden / Edible Office (Zoey Kroll), The Alphabet Garden Booklist. a hand bound and illustrated booklet. currently unavailable but a reprint is planned

disreputable librarians (professional YA booklists we wouldn’t share with our profession). upon request. topics include:

  • friends are overrated
  • girls make me wet
  • boys make me hard
  • teenage abortion showed me it was ok
  • drugs / alcohol can be pretty great but not always
  • my life is close to perfect but it’s still pretty interesting
  • the psych ward for you and me
  • I really do like school
  • boarding school brats
  • suicide / anorexia might be the answer after all
  • I hate my parents for a good reason

17 books for October 17 written for my reading at the Headlands on 10/17/2010

140 Books I’ve Read in the Last 2.5 Years and Really Liked. upon request

earliest booklist: Dream job. for Frankenart Mart‘s Dream Job (2009)

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